Neighbourhood Watch


Crime is always present. However we have seen a number of break-ins and burglaries in our village recently. We need to be vigilant against crime and help each other.

To view an update of recent activity in Liddington and suggestions to combat crime please (click) read the update.

Telephone scams

There is a clever scam which tries to get you to reveal details of your credit cards etc.

New schemes

Many of you already look after each other’s properties. The NHW scheme is one of the best ways of reducing crime and making people feel safe in their homes.

Why not set up an official scheme with your neighbours? If you would like to set up a scheme in your street or simply know more, please contact Vince Jones. It’s easy to do and you will get regular updates about crime in our area.

Signs and packs

We currently have street 5 signs available. They are a great way to show would be criminals that your property is being looked after. We also have a number of NHW packs, which give you hints and tips to protect yourself. Included in the packs are the NHW door stickers.

If you would like a sign for your street and or a pack, please call Vince Jones at The Village Inn.

Neighbourhood Watch coordinator – Liddington

Vince Jones 01793 790314

Neighbourhood Watch Liason Officer (Police)

Paul Phelps Pc 1102

Tel: direct dial 507864

Work Mob, 07966818112

0845 408 7000 ext 760548