Liddington Stiles

Playing Field North IMG_0192Wooden gate; latch is very stiff; adjoining fence rung is rotten, this is dangerous as walkers do climb the fence to avoid the stiff gate
Playing Field Vehicle Access IMG_0191LPC?New Wooden Gate - nice
Playing Field West
Playing Field EastIMG_0049Wooden style; very weathered; step especially; needs replacing
Playing Field SouthEastIMG_0050Wooden style;step is not particularly sturdy
Old White WayIMG_0185kissing gate(wooden gate and steel frame)
Behind the RectoryIMG_0183wooden kissing gate, some rotting timbers
B4192 stepsIMG_0181wooden kissing gate; steps need regular clearing
Top of Spinney Close on B4192IMG_0176wooden gate;latch is gone, held closed with rope; some weathering.
old mill at ManorIMG_0174wooden fence, no stile; leaning out and quite weathered
Church GateIMG_0195metal gate, latch is heavy
Top of Medbourne ValleyIMG_0054Kissing gate (wooden gate and steel frame)
Medbourne SpringIMG_0057Kissing gate (steel)
Bottom of motorway tunnelIMG_0197farm gate in some disrepair
top of Motorway tunnelIMG_0198farm gate in great disrepair,rusted and bent
Medbourne Lane Paddock field accessIMG_0062Wooden style and farm gate; style is very ramshakle
Top of paddock field (off Medbourne Lane)IMG_0064Kissing gate (steel)
Purley Rise BottomIMG_0070Kissing gate (steel)
Purley Rise TopIMG_0071Kissing gate (steel)
Medbourne Lane meets B4192
IMG_0073No style or pedestrian gate. Wooden fence is very overgrown; walkers use the farm gate which is always open
Former Sun InnIMG_0067Kissing gate (steel)
SW Corner Parish RidgewayIMG_0081Steel Gate
Ridgeway meets B4192IMG_0089wooden posts
Sugar Way: Aldbourne Circular lat 51.5211 long -1.6854IMG_0093steel gate
Sugar Way: Aldbourne Circular lat 51.5176 long-1.6808IMG_0095steel gate
Sugar Way: Aldbourne Circular lat 51.5155 long -1.6737IMG_0096steel gate
Sugar Way:Aldbourne Circular lat 51.5136 long -1.6699IMG_0099steel gate
Sugar Way:Aldbourne Circular lat 51.5119 long-1.6671IMG_0105steel gate
SE Corner Parish: Sugar Way Meets Thieve's WayIMG_0107steel gate
SE Corner Top of Sugar Hill where Sugar Way meets Thieves WayIMG_0110wooden ladder
Southern Boundary: (Thieve's Way) bottom of Sugar HillIMG_0111steel farm gate