On Dec 4th a truly wonderful addition to our village was unveiled, to a crowd of villagers, friends, family and helpers.  Local Artist David Lomax created this plaster sculpture from the original casts which he used to make bronze statues of the Hoarsib bull elephant in 1992.

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Lord Joffe of Liddington Manor made a place for the elephant on his land adjoining the Coombe.  Our bull elephant seems to be just stepping out for a stroll in his new home.  We hope his stay in Liddington will be long and happy.

Liddington Christmas Concert

This enchanting event, held on 9th December, featured the Madrigal Ensemble from Bristol University, who treated us with their wonderful singing. We also enjoyed a visit from Father Christmas, and a poetry reading by our village poet Maurice Spillane.
Mince pies and seasonal Gem├╝tlichkeit!


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The New Bells are HERE!!!


Liddington Bells Dedication Service

The Dedication of the new bells took place on Saturday 29 October. The choral service was conducted by the Rt Revd Mike Hill, Bishop of Bristol with the choir of Christ Church, Old Town, Swindon. The guest organist was Peter Eyles.


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Summary Report of Speed Survey

A survey of traffic speeds on the B4192 through the village was conducted by Swindon Borough Council between the 18th and 25th of September 2016. Speed monitoring equipment was placed on the 30mph signs at both the Aldbourne and Commonhead (Swindon) ends of the village. A third measurement location was placed at the junction of Church Road. According to the traffic management department at SBC, the results of the survey at Church Road indicate average speeds are within the enforcement threshold for the posted speed limit. The speeds of traffic at both edges of the village are higher than desirable, particularly at the Commonhead end.

Aldbourne end5 Day Avg Speed5 Day 85%ile Speed
North-westbound36.2 mph43.2 mph
South-eastbound39 mph45.3 mph
Church Road
North-westbound32.2 mph37.8 mph
South-eastbound33 mph39.5 mph
Commonhead end
North-westbound39.4 mph45.7 mph
South-eastbound39.1 mph47.1 mph
NOTE The 85th percentile speed means that 85% of cars are travelling below this speed and therefore 15% are at higher speeds.

Stunning video of Wiltshire from the air from Visit Wiltshire